The Plasmolifting procedure in the treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders

Dr. Renat Akhmerov®: How to prepare your body for weight loss without violence against yourself and without drugs

A means was found to normalize carbohydrate metabolism and curb hunger pangs without taking medicines and drastic lifestyle changes. This is a real chance to leave in the past fad diets, fasting days, buying fat burning supplements, hunger blockers, goji berries and tears of godly virgins. But more importantly, it is a chance to avoid the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and a premature decline in the body's endocrine functions. At the same time, you do not need to give up your usual lifestyle and change something abruptly, start exercising, eat more vegetables or meditate. Your body adapts gradually and in 6-8 months you become a different person, and it's almost literally: Over the time, the tissues and organs of the endocrine system manage to regenerate themselves. This normalizes or significantly improves the production of insulin and the sensitivity of the cells to it. You'll feel full with less food as the nutrients are absorbed instead of being stored as fat. All this is possible thanks to the new method of Dr. Akhmerov "The Princess and the PeaTM". How to feel like a princess, where to get a pea and what to do with it, we asked Dr Renat Akhmerov, the developer of the famous Plasmolifting procedure, to tell us about it. As befits a scientist, he has tested the new weight loss method on himself and is now offering his patients in Moscow and Berlin to try it too.

- Doctor, tell us about your new method. Why is it named after Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Princess and the Pea?

- I used blood plasma in the form of tablets. It resembles an ordinary pea. That's where the name came from. I believe it reflects the essence of the method, as intake such peas can help women feel like princesses: slim, graceful, gentle, and cheerful, just as women, I believe in my heart, were created from the beginning.

- It sounds like a true fairy tale... and gives cause for some concern. Please explain how the princess tablet works?

- Autologous blood plasma, if we administer it sublingually, i.e., by dissolving it under the tongue, as in this case, is immediately absorbed by the blood vessel walls. The biologically active substances that make up the plasma begin to act within a few minutes and, first of all, stimulate regeneration processes, i.e., healing and restoration of cells and tissues, as well as the permeability of cell membranes. In particular, the permeability of the cell for glucose and insulin sensitivity are increased. Thus, we can normalize carbohydrate metabolism and reduce body weight, prevent the development of insulin resistance, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and, if these conditions and diseases are already present, alleviate their course and even try to restore our own endocrine function.

- Is it possible to activate insulin production in the human body?

-Yes. A lack of insulin is caused by the fact that the cells in the pancreas work less well and release less of this hormone. At the same time, the cell membranes lose their sensitivity to insulin. Many overweight people develop insulin resistance. In this state, glucose does not get into the cell, it remains in the blood, from where insulin "clears it away" into the fat depot. The body believes there is an excess of glucose and tries to normalize blood sugar levels. When there is not enough insulin, the membranes do not allow glucose to pass through, the person is constantly hungry: The cells stay "hungry" and the brain needs food and energy. Man eats over and over again. And he feels like eating carbohydrate-rich food that quickly provides a lot of energy: Bread, milk rolls, sandwiches, sweets, pasta, fries, pizza, after all he wants to drink tea with sugar and cookies. The feeling of hunger subsides for a while. But very soon all the glucose again goes into adipose tissue. And the nutriment has escaped the cells again. The blood sugar level has dropped. And the person feels hungry again, whereat this hunger is very hard to endure.

- What happens after taking the Princess Pea or Plasmolifting tablet? How does this affect insulin production?

- Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), a component of blood plasma pea, binds to and activates the beta-cell receptors of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas.

What are the islets of Langerhans?

- This is a collection of cells that produce various pancreatic hormones: glucagon, somatostatin, gastrin, pancreatic polypeptide. There are up to one and a half million islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. The beta cells of these islets produce insulin. Over time and due to various factors, such as oxidative stress and cellular damage from free radicals, the cells of the pancreas begin to function poorly. And when platelet-derived growth factors act on the islets of Langerhans, these atrophic or shall we say not very active cells of the insulin islets of the pancreas start to function better. Plasma stimulates their regeneration like any other tissue. This is how the effect of blood plasma on the pancreas is explained in medicine. In this way we can correct or normalize carbohydrate metabolism and therefore the consequences of its disturbance, namely weight gain, metabolic syndrome and visceral obesity. With the help of blood plasma in the form of tablets, it is possible to correct the insufficiency of one's endocrine function, activating it without the use of artificially synthesized hormones and other stimulants, while restoring tissues and the functionality of the islets of Langerhans.

How quickly does the effect of the therapy appear?

- Since the therapeutic effect develops gradually and in a gentle mode, the effect can be expected 6-8 months after taking the first pea.

- How often should one take the princess peas?

- Оnce in three months. Sometimes twice. After a preliminary examination, an individual dosage and dosing regimen are determined. But most often, patients come to the clinic once  three month to have a tablet made from blood plasma and take it, i.e., 4 times a year. It's also convenient because nothing else needs to be done.

- But what about diets or at least avoiding sweet, greasy, floury foods and alcohol? Sports activities? After all, blood plasma always gets better as you change your lifestyle to a healthier one? Isn't it like this?

- We used to think the same way. But the plasma works on the principle of feedback, so there is no need to improve the quality of the plasma. Let's say the "worse" it is, the clearer the body reaction we get. But there's no need to purposefully make plasma worse. The body must receive adequate information about its own condition. Figuratively speaking, we send some sort of letter, even bulk mail, to the organs and body systems, where we notify how things are looking. And the body "reads" it and reacts to it.

- And why do you have to notify them? Can't the body make us healthy on its own without being reminded?

- This is because our body is very busy with its own survival. Every second we are attacked by viruses and bacteria. Potentially malignant cells are formed inside us. Cells are damaged by free radicals, various chemical and toxic substances in the air, water and food. Sometimes we suffer injuries: Cuts, bruises, micro trauma and so on and so forth. We cannot write off the situation of the last three years either: Battling Covid-19, humanity is under incredible pressure from circumstances that are difficult to influence. Stress also triggers various pathogenic processes. It's no secret that people today are generally consuming more alcohol, sweets, and high-carbohydrate and energy-dense foods. This is a means to get into fun quickly, to feel safe. But it's not exactly a useful mean. And this also contributes to poor health and unbalances the body. Imagine that you are the head of a big company. Under your command is an incredible number of the most complex and important business areas and departments. You have billions in sales. And you're constantly on the brink of bankruptcy. The disturbance of the carbohydrate metabolism can easily be overlooked. Above all, you have to survive. But when the body receives our biologically active message with a variety of chemical substances, a reaction is triggered. The body turns on an emergency system of self-regulation and self-healing. And by regularly sending such a bulk mail with updated information (after all, the composition of plasma changes every week, little by little), we correct the state of the body.

- Ist die Wirkung der Tablettenform von Plasma nachgewiesen?

- It so happens that I am the first to use the tablet form of autologous plasma, i.e., a pea or tablet is made from the patient's autologous blood immediately before intake. But tablets made from blood plasma have been around for a long time. For example, the drug Actovegin is a tablet made from calf blood plasma. Actovegin received market approval in Germany in 1976; In 1995, production was relocated from Germany to Austria. Today, Actovegin is approved for clinical use in Austria, Russia, the CIS countries, some countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. In the clinical setting, Actovegin has been used for the treatment of neurological disorders, including cerebrovascular disease and cognitive decline of various etiologies, for approximately 40 years. It is also prescribed to treat peripheral arterial disease and diabetic polyneuropathy.

Actovegin's instructions for use state: "The inositol-phospho-oligosaccharides contained in the preparation have a positive effect on the transport and utilization of glucose, which leads to an improvement in the energy metabolism of cells and a reduction in the formation of lactate in ischemic states." The manufacturers of Actovegin conducted serious studies, in which it has been proven that the drug improves the utilization and uptake of oxygen as well as energy metabolism and the uptake of glucose in mitochondria.

- Is it to be understood that the Princess Pea or Plasmoliftng tablet could have an effect similar to Actovegin?

- Yes, the effect is somewhat similar. However, it should be understood that Actovegin, after all, is made from the blood of calves and a lot of time passes from the moment of its preparation to ingestion. The Plasmolifting peas are made from the patient's blood, and after a maximum of 10-15 minutes the person is already taking the tablet, which contains its own biologically active substances. As we said, we have found that it is precisely this and the ratio of these substances that influences the result. Nothing needs to be changed. The body reads the information and the necessary organs and systems receive a signal for regeneration. And in a few months, the body will heal itself. If the pathological processes are in the initial stages, sometimes they are completely cured. But most of the time, of course, we treat long-standing complaints that have accumulated over 30-40-50 years. And the recovery process goes gradual. But the patient definitely feels better. And this is noticeable both in his mood, and in his appearance, body weight, and in the results of analysis.

How long does the result last?

- I always emphasize that the Princess and the Pea method or Plasmolifting therapy has an etiotropic effect, i.e., affects the cause of the pathological condition or the disease. Therefore, the result will last for a long time. We not only alleviate complaints. We do not force the patient to starve and exhaust himself and lose weight quickly. Anyone can lose weight. But maintaining the result is much more difficult. And that is an important difference between my method and all other methods existing today. By normalizing carbohydrate metabolism and restoring the work of the pancreas, we exert a positive effect on many organs and systems: from the brain to the liver.

- You mentioned that besides the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism and the resulting weight loss, man or the same princess feels good mood. Is it true that therapy with Plasmolifting tablets can improve mood?

- Yes. The thing is that a disturbance in carbohydrate metabolism not only leads to the deposition of fat directly into the fat deposits, e.g., on the sides, abdomen, etc. Fat also accumulates in the liver. So-called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) develops. It is the most common liver disease in the world.

The prevalence of fatty liver in the world is 25% of the population. And in overweight people, this figure reaches 93%. The disease develops regardless of age. The danger is that fatty liver disease can progress to fatty hepatitis and then cirrhosis. Fatty liver disease develops and proceeds almost asymptomatically, this is its insidiousness. The affected liver cannot function normally. As a result, the body is constantly in a state of intoxication. In other words, it is poisoned by the products of vital activity, metabolism, and pollutants invading from outside. Against this backdrop, cognitive functions are suppressed. The person constantly feels unwell: physical weakness, tiredness, unclear head, heavy thinking and lack of creativity, oppressive mood. Plasma helps rid the liver of fat. More precisely, the liver cleans and regenerates itself as soon as the carbohydrate metabolism normalizes and fat no longer accumulates in it.

- What other effects does therapy have for princesses?

-I can say that the Plasmolifting tablet is an antihypoxant: a drug that improves oxygen metabolism and eliminates oxygen starvation. Any form of blood plasma that acts on tissues improves the absorption and utilization of oxygen and eliminates oxygen starvation. This is due to another effect: increased microcirculation. Microcirculation improves, oxygen starvation is eliminated and cells begin to regenerate. This is the reason for the neuroprotective effect of Actovegin. By the way, today the blood plasma obtained using the Plasmolifting PRP method is also applied to treat cognitive dysfunction, including dementia and Alzheimer's.

-What effects should certainly not be expected?

- Instant weight loss. It takes time to "adjust" the body to it. How fast will the process go? This can only be determined by observing the course of treatment. I would like to point out that at present I am personally doing all Princess and the Pea consultations, both remote and face-to-face. This is an exclusive and very limited offer.

The tablet form of blood plasma is one of the forms of therapeutically active "living" blood plasma prepared from freshly drawn venous blood from the patient. The blood is processed in a centrifuge, leaving all the necessary biologically active substances and blood organelles or blood cells such as platelets, platelet growth factors, trace elements, vitamins and hormones in the plasma. This is the first liquid form of autologous plasma. It is applied in medicine (aesthetic medicine, dentistry, surgery, neurology, traumatology, orthopedics, gynecology) for injection and intravenous administration. From this native, natural and undamaged plasma, a powder is produced: After the liquid evaporates, all biologically active substances remain in it. The powder form of blood plasma was developed and patenden 5 years ago by Dr. Akhmerov. Evaporation occurs at low temperatures and quite quickly, so all components fully retain their properties. Peas are formed from the powder, which the patient then immediately takes sublingually, i.e. “under the tongue”, and absorbs. This allows the plasma components to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and start working after about 3 minutes. In this way, plasma in tablet form is not processed by the liver and is not destroyed by stomach enzymes.

Advantages of sublingual administration method of Plasmolifting tablets.

  • Rapid absorption

 There are many blood vessels in the sublingual area, through which the components of the princess pea (the tablet form of blood plasma) quickly enter the bloodstream and through it to target organs: pancreas, liver, brain and its structures.

  • Biologically active substances are not destroyed during digestion.

Everything that is in the pea is delivered to the destinations, preserving all its properties and qualities. We do not affect the stomach and colon. Some loss of substances occurs in the oral cavity with the saliva that the patient swallows, but this does not affect the final result.

  • Taking the tablet is simple and does not cause any discomfort

The tablet form of plasma acts gently on the mucous membranes, there is no irritation and inflammation.

  • Possibility of using small doses

Due to the high rate of absorption and rapid onset of effect of biologically active substances, when taking princess peas or Plasmolifting tablets sublingually, we can use a minimal dosage while maintaining full therapeutic effect.

  • No need to chew or drink water afterwards

The peas dissolve under the tongue with no extra effort.

Peculiarities of taking Plasmolifting tablets

  • Refrain from smoking one hour before and during the treatment.

Smoking causes vascular spasms, which decrease the rate of absorption and increase the loss of substances along with saliva.

  • Do not drink, eat or talk while taking plasma tablets
  • The patient must be with clear consciousness.


  • personal incompatibility
  • allergy to heparin
  • blood clotting disorders
  • mental illnesses
  • Periods of pregnancy and lactation

Treatment of diseases caused by obesity and metabolic disorders in the Renat Achmerow® clinics

Our specialists receive professional training and undergo regular further training in order to be able to better help their patients. You can always register for a preliminary diagnosis and discuss the necessary treatment. We also follow scientific developments in the field of application of autologous plasma, conduct our own studies and share relevant information and research results with you. Our patients strengthen their health, increase their medical knowledge and achieve better therapeutic results through the use of the procedure.